30.04. - 10.05.2015

Open Mon-Sun, 2-9pm

Giorgio Bassil

Reminder (or Clock Tower)

Marble and stainless steel, 180 x 43 x22 cm; 2015

Interactive Sculpture


Past projects

When wheels are replaced with hands,

when a collective memory is monumentalized,

... the clock is dead, present comes to life.


Reminder is an interactive human-scale clock tower, made of marble and scissor blades instead of clock hands. Instructions will help the visitor synchronize the clock with his watch or phone.


Giorgio Bassil (b. 1990) is a Lebanese art-doer who mainly works with performance, installation and interactive art. His projects are focused on anthroposophy, spirituality and humanism. He received his Diploma of higher studies in Graphic Design from the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik. Bassil currently resides and works in Beirut.

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