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Majid Ahmadi

File clip; 2013
Password cards for the mobile top up; 2014
Cassettes tableau; 2013

mixed media on canvas


Past projects

File clip They make files for us since our birth up to our death. We are restricted into the files. Clips are the common points of these files.

Password cards for the mobile top up It is a moneymaking business. One has to pay for speaking. They sale numbers; Seemingly, they have burned homes.

Cassettes tableau Autopsy of bodies and observation of all facts. How many cassettes were sold to us; and how much words were delivered to us?


Majid Ahmadi was born in Bojnourd, a small city in Iran, in 1982. Growing up, he was surrounded by many architectural masterpieces that gradually and subliminally sharpened his awareness of proportion, color, and form. In the childhood, he was much interested on sculpture and copying paintings. At the elementary school, it became evident that his life would be devoted to art and painting. He started the professional painting in his youth. Height is much attractive to him; he likes to observe everything from above. His excitement is in discovering the relationships and causes of disorder. He llikes complexities. He lived in the nature since the beginning of his life up to adolescence; a very beautiful world. He was curious in his seeing. The nature made him a patient man, but when entered the machine universe, he found no footprint of these beauties in the new universe. He says: “My eyes became astonished. It was an intricate strange world; the world, for which, I gained much experience, I studied, …. I painted and painted and painted. This is my language. I believe this is the best way of describing beauties which cannot be interpreted by speaking and demand visual literacy”. “I learned the literature of this language from masters, namely, Ali Beigi Parast, Gholamhossein Sohrabi, and Ahmad Vakili. I had a continuous practice and repetition, through which, my lifelong friend, Morteza Khosravi doubled my delight. I studied in construction, and water and wastewater engineering, got familiar with materials in the nature and their application in different places and in daily life, worked with a variety of materials and experienced them one by one. The fact that my education was not in painting helped me to see the painting space from my point of view. The wrapped universe of machines was not complicated to me anymore. I had now found the relation of machine world and mechanized people”.

Majid Ahmadi

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