30.04. - 10.05.2015

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Melissa Ghazale

Fallen toys (The Parachute Paradox); 2015

video, 6'12''


Past projects

Fallen Toys


For the making of this piece, I had to go look for fake bombshells. Hence, I made a few calls and ordered smoke bombs because they seemed safer and more adequate.  And as I was waiting for my so called arms dealer, a ten year old blond hair blue eyes boy comes closer and tells me very politely: “It’s 20 000 LL each, and in case one doesn’t work I’ll make you another one…”

The tennis balls around you are his creation. This kid has been making bombs, fireworks, and any sort of explosives to sell them …


Melissa Ghazale born in Lebanon, 1992, has obtained  bachelor in filmmaking at USEK but fell in love with video art. She's usually a Videographer and her extra hobbies are sketching, body art and photo editing. She took part in the Lebanese Film Academy Workshop for Cinematography 1 (2011), In Medias Res (2014), and Experimental Film Virginia. She has never been a perfectionist; for her the real artist is he who is true to his own reality no matter the means and language he uses to express himself; regardless of any judgemental code.

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