30.04. - 10.05.2015

Open Mon-Sun, 2-9pm

Mirella Salame

now الآ ن

performative installation
(wooden desk, chair, empty notebook, pencil, eraser, sharpener, presence of artist)


Past projects

Seated on the rooftop throughout the opening (for 2 consecutive hours) the artist fills the notebook’s pages compulsively with the word “now”, then erases each again, line by line, until the notebook is full (yet erased).


The performance tries to explore the fleeting moment: writing is crystallized time; past, present, and future are coexisting at every moment, creating between fading bonds. The work suggests the notion of writing as a form of memory, a present act, which as soon as activated, links the past, but keeps bringing it back to the present when read. The very effort of taking the note "now" is then followed by the effort of erasing it.

The performance is again represented through a surveillance camera on the ground floor, documenting it as a mirror to another ‘now’. The viewer, not being able to see both the performance and the recording of it at the same time, would experience a lapse between the live video and the present act in the venue.


The resulted “left-over” is the notebook open on the desk with the eraser’s dust and scarred pages.


»now« was performed at the opening (30 April 2015) and on 6 May 2015.


B. 1985, in Beirut, Mirella Salame is a multi‐disciplinary artist. Supported by a grant, she obtained her Masters Diploma in Fine Arts from école cantonale d’art du Valais (ecav), Switzerland (2014).

For Salame, medium is a tool responding to a certain context, and thus she uses each medium relatively to each situation. Poetic and radical, she works on our relation to nature using time and memory as an intrinsic (im)material.

Salame has won many prizes over the last years, and her work has been shown nationally and internationally, from paintings, to installations, videos, writings (published) and performances. website: www.mirellasalame.com



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