30.04. - 10.05.2015

Open Mon-Sun, 2-9pm

Ramy Moukarzel

Scream; 2014

photography installation

Escape; 2015

video installation; 01’59’’


Past projects

The formation of mankind. The robotizing of mankind. The destruction of mankind.

ro•bot•ize/ˈrōbəˌtīz/verb convert (a production system, factory, etc.) to operation by robots.



We can observe satellite images that are rotating around a centre point creating vortices that build up a certain trance, attempting to carry us into another dimension. We are constantly trying to escape the images given by the drones (system) but always failing to do so. With the transition from a set of images to another, this represents repetitive failures.


Rami Moukarzel was raised in Sheile – Keserouan, Lebanon in 1989. As a child he was always interested in arts. His family helped him nurture this interest and grow it into a passion. After graduating from school, he pursued his studies in Holy Spirit University in Kaslik (USEK) and latter received an MA in graphic design. But the journey did not stop there. He spent the last year of his MA working on his final year project handling the subject of “Nothingness”. The project consisted of an art installation that covered a whole room area with interactive sounds, experimental visuals, and a series of graphical images that created an overall book. Simultaneously, he started his first year of his BA in audiovisual. He spends a lot of time experimenting with images and video art in his free time. Rami is currently still studying for his bachelor degree.



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