30.04. - 10.05.2015

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Stephanie Korab, Elsy Hajjar

55 cm; 2015

photography and video instalallation
(Stephanie Korab – photographs, Elsy Hajjar – video )


Past projects

'Architecture is organization, you are an organizer, not a drawing-board stylist'.

Le Corbusier


Photos and video were taken in Karm-el-Zeitoun district in Beirut.


Stephanie Korab, born in Lebanon in 1989 Aquired her Masters in Interior Architecture from the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik in 2014. Her work consists of different medium such as photography, video art, short film, design, architectural drawings and sketches. Was part of an interdisciplinary exhibition, ‘Spears in the I’ lead by Miha Vipotnik, where she set an installation in Zico House, 2012. Her recent inducement was a film competition launched by Henning and Larsen Foundation where the theme was the experience of architectural space over time. A project which inspired work for the Vertical Collisions exhibition.



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