30.04. - 10.05.2015

Open Mon-Sun, 2-9pm

Vertical Collisions is an interdisciplinary art exhibition and series of parallel events that explore the concept of vertical communication by challenging the limits and overlaps of visual, audio, textual, figurative and abstract languages.


Vertical Collisions' common thread is tension, as researched, artistically explored and presented by 23 artists from different international environments. Miha Vipotnik, video and multimedia artist, curator of the exhibition invited artists from around the world to present their voice. The participating artists include illustrators, painters and sculptors, animators, programmers, multimedia artists, researchers, performers, video artists, cineastes and musicians, all of whom present their personal views on the social clashes in the “administered” technological information reality of today.


Detected Vertical Collisions arise from the hierarchical arrangements of power – a worn-out subject which has been affecting the majority of the world population. The clashes between the differing strata interests are addressing the conflicts of power, surveillance, basic human rights, questions of ecology, economical dependency, ideologies, religions, gender issues and personal experiences, as well as the feelings of artists living in the various strata on the vertical axis of social hierarchy.


Artists as the best “low-tech” humanoid detectors have gathered here to reflect on the time which does not have enough time to reflect on itself, to set up a mirror and reveal the points of collision between the differing interests of different social strata and individuals. They might make you think about empathy, ethics and sustainability.


Parallel Events:


Tuesday | 06.05 | 7pm

now الآن

Performance by Mirella Salame. part 2 "now" is a performance revolving around the notion of writing as a form of memory, a present act, which as soon as activated, inks the past, but keeps bringing it back to the present when read, in the future.

Wednesday | 06.05 | 8pm

Skype conference with Lisa Parks and the authors of Spectral Configuration installation. An insight into the process of creating the interactive installation and the background of the concept


Thursday | 07.05 | 8pm

Film Projection

Hamasat (Whispers) by Maroun Baghdadi
Shot in 1980 in the middle of the war, this road trip across all of Lebanon delivers the destiny of a lost generation and a state of places tainted by poetry, nostalgia, memory of decayed times, fears and anticipations for the future, where Baghdadi depicts a nation in ruins struggling for survival and hope, all through the words of a poet Nadia Tueni. Followed by open discussion on collective memory
Moderated by Tarek Joseph Chemaly hosting Farid Chehab, the film's producer


Friday | 08.05 | 8pm

Live Concert
Koch/Badrutt (CH)

Hans Koch (bass clarinet, saxophone, electronics)
Gaudenz Badrutt (computer sampling, electronics)


Saturday | 10.05 | 7pm
now الآن

Performance by Mirella Salame - part 3


Sunday | 10.05 | 4pm

Smoking bombs event with Melissa Ghazale and Jure Cvitan folowed by a DJ set and closing party

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